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Payment with Bitcoin Cash

Jan 062018

Dear users to be able to make your withdrawals in Bitcoin Cash in bits2u.
You must go the withdrawal option and change to automatic withdrawal with Bitcoin cash, enter your profile and enter your bitcoin cash address.

They will be paid when they reach 0.004 BTC or its equivalent in bitcoin cash.

Note: You can receive in btc but it will take a little longer to send it.



Bitcoin Cash | 2018-01-04 18:42:30

Jan 052018

Now you can withdraw your balance using
Bitcoin Cash, because the Bitcoin commissions
They are becoming quite unstable.
In addition to this you can also make purchases of
2uhash with Bitcoin cash.
And this month of January we have a 20% promotion in
the purchase of any amount of 2uhash.
It is not necessary to enter any code,
the promotion is activated since you make the purchase.