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Bits2u has returned!| 2017-01-25 08:55:00

Jan 052018

After almost 3 days of maintenance, we want to inform you that bits2u is already fully operational and ready to continue paying.
Also offer an apology from the bit2u team because we did not inform you that there would be a maintenance and because I take more than I thought.
This migration was due to the constant drops of the previous server, so now we have our own faster and without errors.
In addition to offering our sincere apologies, we want to give you an extra 20% bonus for any purchase of 2uhash.
Also please ask all users to remove the cache from your browser so that the maintenance web does not appear. To eliminate your cache go to the following link and choose your browser:
And finally, one more favor, to all the users that see your name or email in the section of the referral contest, please update your profile and add your bitcoin wallet, since there is only one week left until the contest ends.

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