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How do I give an opinion of Bits2u in NetBusinessRating?

Jun 012018

Today we bring you this article due to the fact that we have a promotion of 10 2uhash for your positive opinion on two important pages: NetBusinessRating and CryptoCompare

In this article we will talk about how to give a good opinion in NetBusinessRating.

To clarify, in this article we will start from that they already have a created account and validity in NetBusinessRating.

* To begin we must access our account in NetBusinessRating

* Then we must enter this link: which shows the description of bits2u in NetBusinessRating (If you can not access the link type Bits2u in the search engine)


Once we are on the page we go down to the part where it says: Give Your opinion



When you click on this button, a screen similar to this will appear:


In which we can observe two details:

* Request a rating of 1 to 5 stars

* Ask that you explain to other users that you think about Bits2u and they ask you if you would recommend it

Up to this point you already have earned 5 2u HASH for 18 months.

** To win the other 5 2u hashes you must upload a capture of some proof of payment (And you have won 5 more 2uhash!)

Image Reference:


1: Opinion remember that you must put from 1 star to 5 stars

2: Put some words, explaining why you would recommend bits2u or something referential

3: You must enter the amount of bitcoins we have paid you

4: You must put a capture of a proof of payment that we found you (this part is linked to point 3)

 Once the opinion is finalized remember that you have to send a photo of your opinion to the email [email protected] with your username and mail (attaching proof of the opinion) to be able to give you the 5 2uhash for 18 months to your account! .

Please make sure that your NetbusinessRating and CryptoCompare username is the same as your Bits2u username.

We would also like to inform you that we have opened another means of support for the user:

Telegram Group:



Team Bits2u

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