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Improvement of platform security

Nov 052018

Hi, I'm Fernando, co-founder of Bits2u and PeruCoin.

Today I will explain in individual post all the changes of the platform.

In this post we will explain why our site fell a few days.

In these last two weeks we had a couple of days in which we received attacks constantly, because of this, we have decided to migrate from one service to another (CLoudfare - AWS SHIELD).

This migration allows us to mitigate these attacks and thus have less time to fall as we seek that you experience the best possible service.

If someone experiences an unjustified ban by our Firewall or WAF (Web application Firewall) please contact [email protected] to unblock the IP.

With nothing more to say I just wanted to explain this change, which for us is a headache less.

Fernando Bits2u Co-Founder.



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