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Second Authentication Factor

Nov 052018

Hi, I'm Fernando, co-founder of Bits2u and PeruCoin.

Today I will explain in individual post all the changes of the platform.

In this post we will talk about the second Google authentication factor implemented.

We have always listened to the request of our users, in this case, they asked us for a second authentication factor in order to have more security in their account and even more that we are experiencing attacks on our server.

For these reasons, the second authentication factor is already implemented in (in all languages).

How do I activate it?

  • To activate the second authentication factor, you must download the google application: Google Authenticator.
  • Then, they should go to the security section in Bits2u.
  • Once in the security section you must scan the QR code (with the google application) and accept the account registration.
  • Then you must put the code on the page (Code Google 2FA) to be able to link it with your cell phone number.

If I perform all the steps correctly, you already have a second authentication factor.

From now on, every time you enter, you will ask for a code (which will appear in your cell phone application).

Common mistakes

-If you place the code correctly and on our website it will appear 'wrong google code', please google application enter the 3 dots at the top, then enter configuration, time correction for codes and Synchronize Now.

-If you have any other problems please contact our support channels (Facebook, Chat in Bits2u)

We hope everyone is happy with the implementation of the second authentication factor, if they have any suggestions our channels are open for all types of comments.

Fernando Co-founder Bits2u.

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