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Mining Farm License, List of Payments and Free Online Mining

Dear User,

First of all we want to keep you up to date on the processing of the license to build the mining farm. And regarding this, we have been asked for an Environmental Impact Study and a Road Impact Study, despite the fact that we have already presented all the plans and documentation requested. These studies will take 20 days to complete and 10 more days to be verified by the municipality. After presenting this, we will finally have the license in mid-April.

I know that this situation is frustrating for you, but it is even more frustrating for us. However, shortly we will upload all the documentation we have so far on the licensing procedures, this includes plans, studies, the approved draft and the budget of the mining farm to our Facebook page and our Bits2u website.

On the other hand, indicate that payment was made to 532 users of the pending payment list and that progress will continue to pay all users.

Also indicate that in the month of February 0.28207 BTC was distributed to users who participated in our free online mining.

Finally remind you that this month we have a 10% extra promotion on all your 2uhash purchases and 50% extra on the purchase of the 2uEnterprise package.

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