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Jun 202018

Dear user,

As usual, we send you a message informing you of the new changes we made.

A few days ago we were evaluating the fact of raising the withdrawal minimum to 0.006 BTC instead of 0.004 BTC. The reason for this change is the great variation in the price of bitcoin, which causes us significant losses of our capital, this does not mean that the minimum withdrawal will be in 0.006 BTC, when the bitcoin is set to 8000 $ USD, we will return to the minimum of previous withdrawal that is 0.004 BTC.

We have also evaluated the subject of the purchased referrals. As some users know (those that are old) in the beginning bits2u referred to any person who registered in our platform only having made the minimum investment. This caused many users to think that we were cheating them with the purchase of referrals, for that reason, we maintained the price of the referral in $ 10 but with one condition:

  • The referral that appears on the page of buying referrals must have accumulated a total of 601 2uhash in purchases.

After 6 months we have evaluated the benefits and damages that this decision has brought us, so we have decided to apply the same requirement of the referral, but raising the price to $ 30 per referral. This does not imply that the referrals already purchased will be referred to as free referrals, the referrals will remain as they are already established, this change only affects the new referrals that are to come.

To finish, we inform you that we already have an office so that you can make your consultations or purchases live and we also have a special promotion for those who reside in Lima - Peru and can visit us.

The promotion is 5% extra on all 2uhash purchases added to the promotion that is current in the month.

For example: This month there is an extra 35% promotion, if they buy directly in the office they would be 5% more, so they would take an extra 40%.

Address of the office: Av. Paseo de la Republica 5895 Piso 10 - Oficina 1032 - Miraflores - Lima - Perú

We understand your displeasure and we hope your understanding of the case, we seek that bits2u achieve prevail over time that is why we take these measures.

Team Bits2u